Electric Gets Some Sex Appeal

Well electric has finally gone mainstream sexy in my book.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like the electric cars, they are ugly (ok, there may be one really pricey exception, the Tesla), too small (definitely for hauling things - including families of more than two) and they cost more than you are going to get out of them.  Just to break even on your money, those that have tested and evaluated the e-cars have stated that you need to keep the electric cars for an additional two years over regular gas suckers.  And the mileage, can you imagine trying to go on a long-distance trip of any kind?  You need to stop about every 100 miles and re-charge, for 6 hours from some of the reports I've read.

But wow, this Brammo may have a future, per the Wired article (that you can visit by clicking the link under the picture from their article), this baby puts out 80 peak horsepower (60 sustained) and is capable of a dyno validated 130 mph.  Quite fittingly it's called the Brammo Empulse.  It looks pretty sweet.  If you are into "e" and being a green gear head it is also interesting to note that the Empulse is water cooled.  If you checked out my motorcycle buffet article, you would have seen the Brammo dirt bike.  I'm hoping they'll show us a cruiser version sometime.  It would be a bike I was willing to give a go.  Who knows, maybe they would let me ride for a lady's point of view on their electric masterpiece. 

You can visit Brammo's web site and if you live in California or Oregon you can schedule a test ride at one of their dealers.  Per Brammo's web site the Empulse starts at $9995 and it looks to come in 3 battery sizes 6.0, 8.0, an 10.0 (for 60, 80, or 100-mile range).  They also mention a primo benefit: as an all electric vehicle your new Brammo will qualify for state and federal benefits and tax incentives (which may come out to a couple thousand dollars in some states).  With a shorter range, it might not work as a cross-country bike, but it surely could make a nice commuting bike for work, especially someplace that is seasonally warm year round.  And all-in-all the price isn't horrible and I think that this bike, as a commuter, really could cover it's cost.  It almost makes one drool and think Empulsive thoughts, doesn't it?

Ooooh, I found a video too, "test ride" and Empulse at Engadget.

What do you think?  Would you consider an e-bike?  Have you had a chance to try a Brammo?  Let us know will you?  And Brammo, if you would like a lady's point of view, I'd love to take a ride on the e-side.

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