So Sad, the Motorcycle Stands Alone

Happier Day- coming down out of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado '07
It's been a sad month or more.  The daylight has fled for winter, leaving much shorter day time available.  The temperatures have been erratic, but dropping constantly, and the wet, wind, and other weather has been a complete bother.  I do believe that we are skipping most of fall this year and going directly into winter.  I must say, winter is my least favorite time of the year.  Holidays aside, it basically blows, because here in Michigan our riding season can seem quite unfairly short.

I went outside to the garage yesterday, knocked the dust bunnies who were trying to nest off my bike, and almost wept with sadness at the loss of time and opportunity.  My best chance to take the bike out for a ride was last weekend, but I had fallen and injured myself earlier in the week and couldn't lift my bike to take it out.  So yesterday, I had to start her and run her while it rained outside of the garage.

I smoothed a polishing cotton cloth over her black paint and dainty chromy bits, while speaking sweet nothings to her six warming pistons.  When they say "Black Friday", I don't feel like they mean shopping.  For the rest of the year, I am going to remember that I had to cover my motorcycle so that the predicted snow would not appear before her headlight and cause her to panic in despair.  I keep hoping that there will yet be a December ride to sneak in, and maybe a polar bear run on January 1st... Until then I will have to amuse myself with rhumm rhumm noises, hoping that I'll get to take her out at least one last time before it goes sub-zero and I have to pull her battery out.

Did I ever mention that I really don't like winter?

Yeah, it's like that.

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