Spring 2012 has Sprung - Mostly

The neighbor's tulip tree.
I can't believe it!  I just checked the last post date and realized I haven't posted anything yet for this year.... Arggh, what a slacker.

We've had a really weird mix of weather so far this year; sub-freezing one day and 70 degrees (F) the next.  Some of the mornings have been ice cold (literally) and then magically become 60-70 degrees by the end of the work day.  I have been out on a couple of rides in between hail, frost, high winds, extreme thundershowers, tornadoes, snow, and well - life.

It's amazing how even a short ride can make a day perfect and a great day can make a ride perfect.  Even the mundane - going to work or even going to work out can become an enjoyable adventure when you can do it on your bike.  Case in point.  I am participating in the 2012 Shimmy Mob next month so I rode up to New Baltimore, MI where I teach my Zumba classes to work with the Shimmy Mob group.  It was about 65, sunny, low winds, and magnificent on Saturday.  I enjoyed my ride so much I could hardly wipe the smile from my wind flushed face.  Even two hours of belly dance work and sweat could not dissuade me from my joy.  Life is just better with a bike.

Like many of you, life is a many tentacled beast & sometimes it's hard to get on and ride, you're lucky just to hang on most days.  But... when you get the chance, take it.  You never how how things are going to turn out in the end, but for a few moments, you can live in the now and suck in every second of the experience.  A quick ride, invigorates the mind and senses, lightens the spirit, and can make even the most mundane drive an adventure.

Having said that we're supposed to have thundershowers all of this weekend with temperatures spanning from freezing to 83F supposedly.  I have to take the dogs to the vet, help the Fairy Godmother save Earth and the Fae realms, work on the shimmy mob routine, and pick out a new Zumba song.  I'm still hoping the weather people are a bit off and I will find a spare moment to rejuvenate myself with my motorcycle.  Until then - maybe you can take an extra ride and at least send the vibes my way.  It couldn't hurt.

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