Weekends & Mondays

I WISH today was Moto-Monday!

September was beyond crazy - and I was gone for about half of it. The weather ranged from near freezing during some days (frosty on some nights and mornings) to near eighty degrees for one perfect weekend. Over the last couple of weeks we've had more rain, the leaves have been turning, and the temperatures have been steadily dropping. I've actually had to wear a jacket a couple of times!  It's only been a bit over a week since we bid farewell to summer and now winter is already blowing up our skirts.  Worse.  My license plate tags expired Sept. 29 and I cannot ride until I get new ones.  Since I wasn't going to be around, I made sure to go online and order my tags more than two weeks before they expired.  I usually get them via mail within a week. I'm on week 3+ now.  What little riding might be left this year is quickly fading with the leaves and it bums me out.  VERY soon I will have to fill the tank, remove the battery, and wrap my moto-baby up for the winter.  It is always sad - winter's long goodnight.

In the meantime - for your Monday pleasure I present Miss Daisy's take on short weekends and Mondays.

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