Super Puppy Love

Picture from Morgue File
Since when did my expensive, custom, titanium-vibranium arrows become puppy playthings? Oh, yeah, since I found out my future felon has this weird thing for robotic furniture, can swat smart cars the length of a football field with just a slight paw tap, and if he gets too much bacon he has fevered-hallucinations that he can fly... just like Underdog. He never bluffs, he just jumps. Who knows, one day he might be right and I'll need to get him a flying permit.

Oh, and did I mention he can chomp through a cell tower with a casual bite. He loves to bring the poles home. I try to put them back up, but he keeps bringing them home. We've been labeled as the number one menace to communications and technological advancement in the greater southwest. Considering Silicon Valley is kind of in our extended front yard, that might be saying something. I've taken to recycling the un-restorable poles. I built him a cell-tower-pole log cabin out back. I keep getting bills for the poles, so I figure I might as well use them.

Being titanium-vibranium, my arrows don't seem much affected by his chewing, they just ignore it. I tugged the arrow away from him. He let me. Anyone else trying to play tug with him would lose and arm, not because he would bite them, simply because normal people's arms would just pop off like a Barbie doll's.

I nocked the slobbery arrow, "Loki, fetch!" I aimed high and long, fired, and off he went. He had a lust for fetch that most dogs could never match. Trying to wear him out sure could wear me out. I sincerely hoped he would bring the arrow back, rather than another cell tower pole. If we got too many more poles, his house would soon be bigger than mine.

Our relationship isn't perfect, but it is both operatic and poetic. The superhero and the super-dog, saving and menacing the world. Sometimes on the same day. As he bounded back, probably from somewhere near Vegas, arrow in mouth. I thought about how much I loved him and what a lucky girl I was. I can't imagine ever adopting a more perfect pup.

Today's random words were:

Love    hallucination     puppy    bacon

Operatic  lust   furniture   weird

Relationship   robotic   arrow    felon

Fever   future   bluff      plaything

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