Public Service Announcement: Get Out There and Ride to Work!

You know how good it makes you feel to get out there and ride.  Every day you can ride is just a little more adventurous and joyful because of the opportunity.  Did you know that it can make your co-workers happy also?

It may seem a bit strange, but when I ride to work, it doesn't just boost my morale, it boosts the morale of those around me as well.  I feel like some sort of messenger from the gods every spring when I break out the motorcycle for the first ride of the new riding season and year.  Often this first ride is just taking a quick, cold trip into work on my bike.  (I was actually able to ride in to work all 5-days last week.  I believe it's a good omen for this year .) As the the conquering winter hero arrives on her mighty steel steed, all praise the gods and goddesses of spring.  This praise is quickly followed by rejoicing, upcoming trip plans, and smiles almost as large as my own among the hard working, winter weary masses.  As I walk through the office, back to my desk, helmet in hand, face red with cold and windburn, I received pats on the back, cheers, and handshakes as the work masses exclaim:  "spring must be here, Penny has her bike out, all hail spring."  If they grew here, I may have actually been offered a laural-wreath crown.  You could actually almost believe that I was the goddess of spring and not just another spring worshiper if you were an outsider looking in.  It has the same feel to it as when you change your clocks over to Daylight Savings Time knowing that longer, sunnier days are soon to come.

Don't just stop with being a harbinger of spring, be the face of joy to those around you as often as possible.  Even on a good summer day, or a perfect, colorful fall day, everyone around you has a happier day when they see you on your motorcycle:  "Oh, it must be a really good day, Penny has her bike today."  On occasion, I've even had a boss or two give me a day off to ride because I shared the joy and it must have been catching; spring fever flu, who knew?

There is also the side perk of getting by on less than a third of the expense of driving in my truck.  Another perk is simply being a happy, joyful person that shares that joy with all around her.  So, contribute to world peace, a cure for depression.  Worship the sun, the rain and the roads, and get out there and ride!

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Yeah, I'm smiling on the other side!  And in case you're wondering, in a perfect world, no, my office wouldn't even bother with windows.  Who needs 'em with views like this?

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