Spring Erupts

I love the smell of motorcycle exhaust fumes in the morning! 

I wrote a haiku last spring and it suits today perfectly:

spring erupts
chrome pipes boom
motorcycles gleam brightly

Yeah, only twelve more days until spring, officially that is.  A week short of spring is the newer, bumped up, daylight savings hour changeover.  Over the next month it will make mornings just a bit darker and perhaps even a bit more miserably cold for just a short while longer. It may well be sub-freezing again next week, but today is supposed to be 50 F.  It sure wasn't 50 F this morning, but I have faith that it will be later.

Boy is my face red.  It hasn't seen any happy speed winds in about three months.  There hasn't been much more than dirty shades of gray around here for weeks.  Now I have rosy cheeks and smell like exhaust fumes: O'de Valkyrie. My hair's a bit fuzzier and less controlled, and I feel like a real person again.  It was only short ride into work, and I don't know about anyone else, but that ride back and forth to work is usually a boring onerous thing, like a duty with an extra side of drudgery tacked on for good measure.  When I get a chance to ride my motorcycle back and forth to work, suddenly it's not such a horrible day or assignment.  It becomes an adventure and a taste of better things, what some of us might call the sweet life.

I hope spring continues to erupt.  I want more chrome pipes to go boom.  And I want my grin to gleam as brightly as my motorcycle does in the sunshine.

Here's to spring, "Cheers Mate!"

*Picture location: Mackinaw, Michigan (on the pier), looking towards Mackinac Island.

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