World of Wheels and World Cup

Ok, I admit, I've been a bit pre-occupied with both work and well, WORLD CUP (there are so many great teams I'm rooting for, but I would have to say yep, home country USA and my second home country Portugal, and yes, I'm still a Benfica fan from when I lived there).  And I absolutely love being able to get instant Google updates, online highlights, and even full games live.  The internet does really make the world a smaller place.  Mostly in a good way.

I'm actually in the middle of three articles.  I am trying to sneak time in there to get them polished and finished off (oh yeah, and grab cool pictures as well).  I've been doing an experiment with a BRIGHT orange jacket.  I've been trying to put together some "what to do if the weather sucks and you can't ride" options, oh, yes, and my belated Father's Day tribute to my riding buddy, my dad (yeah having some fun trying to sneak some old pictures for that one).  My brothers have been doing some light weekend tripping and quickie weekend jaunts in scenic Connecticut, I've told them that they should send me a couple of nice pictures with some location information.

And, speaking of locations outside of here (in Michigan), better yet out there in the big world at large, if you have a great local (to you) place that you like to ride, snap a couple of pictures, tell me about it and I'll post you up as a guest Will Write for Rides blogger.  All of us are always looking for new places to see, and sometimes we all long for far away places to see and dream about visiting.  I'd love to see pictures and hear stories of some of your various state and country's shiny places for motorcycles.

So, now that we've entered the world of motorcycle and world cup futebol... What are your thoughts?  Favorite Teams?  And, better yet, if we did world cup motorcycling where would the best rides, motorcycles, and local eateries be?  Leave some great comments.

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