Yeah, a logo for WWFR

Just in time for vacation; I finally have a logo for WWFR.  I have noticed that it is partially covered, shows up multiple times, and just plays hide and seek depending upon your computer settings.  I will try to refine things as we go.  Until then, here is the new design, so you can see it in all of its quirky glory.  It is very me, so I guess I did alright with it.  It's my rock art, motorcycle dude, with some Freemont influence and a lot of Penny's Chaco Kid influence.  I was actually going to try to put a kolopelli guy on the back of the jacket, but sometimes accidents are happy.  It came out more like a koko-rat-pelli, which was a better jacket icon and works with my whole "desert rat" motif.  I see a shirt and maybe a jacket in my future.  What do you think?

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