September was a Blast! Here is a sampler:

Note from the editor, Penny:
Chaco Canyon,NM: Pueblo Bonito

First off, let me apologize for not posting much over the last few weeks, but as I mentioned previously I was going to be out of town.  It was fantastic!   Here are a couple of pictures to prove it.

Barrier Canyon style petroglyph on the Rochester "rainbow" panel in UT

Penny at Monument Valley, UT
Now, this is just a sampler.  We were out for three weeks, I've taken over 1000 photos (which need to be gone through, organized, and marked).  I kept a fairly regular set of posts on Twitter and Facebook as time and connection allowed.  Boy do I have some great things to show and tell you.  I'll be taking them an area at a time.  You can look forward to seeing Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, and a few other things.... I drove a lot, hiked a bit (I have the scars to prove it), rafted, and generally tried to soak in all that we could everywhere.  It was really nice and relaxing to be out and about.  It is hard to believe I'm back in reality now.

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