Cheer Up!

The holidays are here, no matter which ones you celebrate hopefully you have plenty of holiday cheer.  If you don’t or you aren’t quite sure, here are some ways to boost your cheer and the cheer of those around you.  (P.S. These work any time of the year!)

Presents vs. Presence
Presents are nice, but by tomorrow after the wrapping is gone it is just another old “thing” to have sitting around.  However, your presence physically and mentally is what will always remain new and last forever.  It is what memories are made of.  In the rush for “things” this year, remember to keep it simple by giving of your presence- your time, talents, heart, might, mind, and spirit—You, every single bit of You, in that given moment.  You really can change the world of your family and friends, just by being You.

Give yourself permission to enjoy some holiday cheer!
Enjoy the smell, feel, and food of the holiday season.  By this, I mean that it is never bad to have a couple of extra gingerbread cookies, or an extra hunk of that holiday bread your neighbor brought over.  We all know that “being more physically fit” will show up on every one of our New Year’s resolutions lists later, so you might as well enjoy the holidays and not stress over it now! 

Give something to someone and let it be anonymous.
Find a need and fill it.  You will not only give holiday cheer, but you will find that you receive back ten fold the cheer you gave.

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