Time Flies When you Hibernate

This is my desk at work.  My dad just gave me this picture of me on my first big street bike, which I loved (I’d always ridden dirt before).  My Yamaha Virago 1000 in burgundy and sparkling orange cocktail, my dad and brother, Ken, had matching bikes (only theirs were in pearled cream with dark green).  Those were the days when we started going cross-country together, on our own bikes with dad, rather than switching off trips on the back of the bike with him.  I’ve been back and forth out west and up and down the east on that bike, and then I got my Valkyrie and found out in many ways that bigger is better.  My dad ran off a copy of the picture and framed it for me “for work”.  I don’t know if he was trying to remind how long it had been since I’d last had a ride or if he was trying to remind how long it had been since I’d last blogged about it.  Either way - point taken.

Wow, I woke up and looked at the blog and realized it has been 3 months since I last posted.  That is fairly inexcusable.  Besides actual hibernation up here in the winter of doom zone, I did have a bad run-in with a Michigan sinus cold from well, Hell – Hell, Michigan of course (which has been frozen over for a while I assure you).  The weather has been frightful (and just plain nasty some days), and freakin’ cold.  We’ve had run-in with my grandmother (97) going into a hospital and then a “home” (read as “old people prison"), because she tried to roll over one night and dislocated her replaced hip.

I have also whiled away some of my precious blog writing time working on a thriller-killer novel set in the southwest I’m tentatively calling “Student Bodies” (no I did not bury any bodies on our trip last fall, but I did get some additional inspiration for the story on the trip).  I have more recently been coerced into starting a new high-powered fantasy novel I’m tentatively calling “Hot ZOMBIE Nights” where a modern-day samurai warrior, Jaz, is taking on ZOMBIES.  Here’s the quick blurb:  “The world’s ZOMBIE population just shifted into high gear. Chaos rages as Jaz drives into an apocalypse in the making between mankind and Earth’s ancient & modern squatters.”

Anyway, whining aside, you can see why hibernation would be an excellent option.  During my hibernation period, I have been doing some research on what you can possibly do in winter with motorcycles; I will be posting those shortly.   Meanwhile, here is what the weather has been looking like A LOT lately, and it has been so rare for my truck to be clean this winter (it has spent most of the last three months in a lazy, depressing shade of grey-white goo, infused with salt texturing).  And you can’t tell in my motorcycle cover-up picture, but just outside the garage door was a two foot snow drift I had to bypass to go check on my baby.  In case I’ve never mentioned it before- Winter Sucks!  (But, spring is only two full weeks away now- Yeah!)

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