Is it Spring or Isn’t it?

It’s been a wild and wacky weather month or so. A little worse than normal: sub-zero one day, 50 the next; 30’s one day, 80’s the next; then right back down to snow, sleet and ice for the umpteenth time. Michigan has always been a bit contrary, but this is ridiculous. Everyone is sick, because we can’t seem to adapt as quickly as the local weather.

On the upside I have been out twice over the last six weeks. A 60 degree ride around the lake (which had to hold me over for almost another month while we got more snow, ice, and rain, and then last weekend, a week ago. It went from cold and rainy, to 83 on Sunday. We obviously had to go out. We would have chomped at any bit we could get a hold of. Bonus points because my nieces were in from out of town and I got to take one of them out for their first ever motorcycle ride. It was really fun. Of course then it got wet and cold again. I even had to scrape snow off of my car this morning. (Yes, picture a very sad face, not unlike my puppy when I leave to go to work.)

There have been signs of spring. Signals that winter is being politely requested to smeg off, just not fast enough. They have been holding the rider’s certification classes over at the local community college. I’ve been in that class, when it was mid-march and 30-40 degrees out. This class had it made a few weeks ago. They couldn’t have had a better weekend. However, a similar class this weekend, though devoted and in rain gear, not quite so much.

The buds are trying to burst, the motorcycle is trying to escape the garage, and I am trying to find a weekend trip in my near future, so that I can enjoy spring and relish in sunny, floral embrace.

To those of you suffering needlessly like us- I feel your pain.

To you rotten buggers in those better areas of the country that have been riding in sunny 70-80 degree weather for the last couple of months- well we salute you as brethren, with the flying finger. (Yes we still love you- really- it will pass.)

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