Life Really Is A Highway

Wolf Creek Pass - Colorado

Life really is a highway...
Sometimes you just get to go for a ride
Sometimes you get to enjoy the view
Sometimes you get caught in the rain
Sometimes the winds of change try to blow you off course
Sometimes the main highway is the best route and keeps you from getting lost
Sometimes a detour is an unexpected scenic byway and you are refreshed
Sometimes you travel alone, but if you're really lucky, you'll have company for the trip
Sometimes it takes you home
Sometimes it takes you far away
Sometimes your map is old and you just have to throw it away and wing it (or get a new map)
Sometimes you find your true way as you make your best way
Sometimes the view was worth the trip
Sometimes the trip was the whole point
Sometimes there is smooth pavement, but oft times there are potholes, a-holes, dirt, and rocks
Sometimes people use turn signals, sometimes you have to just watch, make your best guess, & hope for success
Sometimes the sun shines, your motorcycle engines whines, and your butt still hurts
Sometimes Indiana Jones is right - "It ain't the years honey, it's the mileage."
Sometimes smile and tan lines are mistaken for premature maturity, when they're really just life-well-spent markers
Sometimes it is simply, quite honestly, absolutely PERFECT!

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