Motorcycle or Not? You Decide.

See, even riding is evolving - droopy pearls & a scarf- those could get caught on something & get you killed.

Electric seems to be the creative edge for unusual design... and the easiest place to excel at "creative" (can also be read as "strange" or "unique") seems to be mostly for single person type vehicles - like motorcycles.

A couple of years ago, on the anniversary of the motorcycle, we discussed a bit about classifying things as motorcycles and a lot of it had to do with the "spirit" of motorcycling I think.  Things continue to evolve with innovators like Lit Motors, Ecolve, Brammo, and Killacycle.  Granted it looks like a possible evolving edge to motorcycles.  However, what it more probably is, is the wave of the electronic vehicle future. It is probably the only kind of "E"-vehicle I would try.  So check out some of these pictures and visit some of their sites and see what you think... Motorcycle or not?

Killacycle is just "killa" they are drag racing their baby and showing that electric doesn't have to be an old, beat-down, dog with no bone.


American Brammo & British Ecolve are a bit more standard and definitely feel "motorcycle" to me and they are working to give you both speed and range.  Both of which are high end goals when choosing a bike.

Brammo gives you three models & types of bike - Hot Street (Empulse), Average Joe (Enertia), and Off Road Eddy (Engage).

Brammo Empulse
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Engage

Ecolve reminds us that "Ecolve electric motorbikes use no oil, no volatile toxic petroleum. no lubricants or filters. It needs almost no maintenance at all. Only routine checks on tyre wear, pressures and control operation." (love they "tyre" it always sounds sexier doesn't it?!). They have two main offerings: Hot Street (Bolt) and Scooter Commuter (Spark).

Ecolve Spark (even though this site is listing it incorrectly as the Bolt)

Ecolve Bolt

So far so good right?  I would list all of the above as motorbikes.

So, how about some of these?

LitMotors - They've been experimenting a bit.  The two listed models are the C-1 (a weeble wobble bike that they say is self-balancing and can't fall over) which Lit calls a "rolling smart phone".  Then there's the Cargo scooter (scooter is the operative term here).
LitMotors Cargo Scooter
This looks to be an earlier or alternate version of the C-1, by Lit.
The cargo scooter is a bit of a stretch, but still basically looks and rides like a scooter or motorcycle, so I'd give it a pass.  However, the C-1 - you sit in it and drive it like a car, it's even as wide as smaller cars - I would have to vote it a car (that just happens to have 2 wheels).

More food for thought (and artistic motorcycling eyes):

Bolt Electric motorcycle concept (yep, another bolt) - lighting can strike twice, but they are still not the same.  I would vote this as a motorcycle.

Eggasus- Eggshell scooter (my vote- not a bike or scooter. It has 3 wheels and looks like something you might ride in at a dangerous Walmart Black Friday Shop fest).

This one is fun - but really looks like a concept- The Frog eBike
I vote this one - motorcycle, but it doesn't look comfortable for anything longer than a 15 min commute - but it would definitely snag eyeballs on the way!

Are there other e-bikes and interesting concepts out there?  You bet! For the most part they fall into three main categories: Hot Street, Average Joe, and Fantastical, (there are a couple of dirt bikes out there but I imagine the weight of the batteries causes even more problems when you want to fly.)

So, what do you think?  Bike or Not?  Are you excited to try some of these new concepts and e-rides out or are you just plain happy with your carbon footprint?

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