Writing or Riding?


I took my dad out for a ride yesterday, and lunch, and extra stuff, as a special pre-dad's day event. Of course it was a perfect day.  We had a chance to thoroughly clear out the old gas from last year (it was a very long, very cold winter for us here in Detroit this last year.... And spring has been one of the soggiest ever.). And don't even get me started on the world-eating, trans-dimensional pot-holes. (Why yes, I have cracked a windshield all the way across, sheared a front wheel off, sheared a break assembly off, and blown some new tires, which doesn't include the front axel, bearings, alignment, and sanity that have also been damaged, lost, or replaced over the last couple of years- windshield still pending. Thank-you for asking.)

Anyway, back to the ride. It got me thinking about my sadly neglected blog. It has been sitting here in a sorrowful state as life unfolded in awful and wildly unpredicted ways over the last couple of years, but I do think about it. How sad and lonesome it must be. 

Over the last two years I lost my first dog- my beautiful mini-schnauzer Misty, but have since fostered and gained two toy rescue schnauzers- Miss Pepper and Miss Daisy. I call them Momma's Girls and I create comics of their exploits which I post to Facebook (on the Momma's Girls page) and to Instagram @chaco_kid.  I've also been heavily involved in the scouting program, crazy busy at work, and still working on finishing up a couple of novels over that same time period.

So, again, back to the ride....
I've been mostly riding back and forth to work and activities without being on any killer adventure trips. And my dad is now 72, he wants to go cross-country, but his body says, "a couple of hours feels like cross-country". Not much riding to write about. And I love writing about riding. But guess what? I realized that the blog is called "Will Write for Rides".  In Penny's perfect world, I would write awesome stuff, get paid for it, and have MORE time to ride and some money to do it with. 

Yesterday's ride told me that I need to expand what I do here on the blog. It's not just about riding, it's about writing. And I always need to do more of that. If I do more of that, maybe it will lead back to more riding as well! So, motorcycle buffs... I will still be motoring. Writing/Reading buffs... I will be writing more to read. 

My goal is twice a week to start, and this is the start. I figured a cross-over comic would be good too... A motorcycle, Momma's Girls comic.  

If you have a topic, motorcycle, writing, comic, puppy, whatever that you would like to see something about, let me know. It will help me keep my writing and reading commitment. Now- get the shiny side out in the sun for some motoring fun!

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