Happy New Year! It's 2015!

Waiting for the Spring Thaw (Photo Credit: MorgueFile)
 Moto-Monday - Holiday Late.

Well, I am reporting back. 
I did not get a ride in on Jan 1st, however I did get a short ride in on Jan 2nd. On Jan 1st it was single digits and there were plentiful slick ice-spots out and around.  On Jan 2nd, there were fewer icy bits and the temperature was in the 20s.  I was able to get my Valkyrie fully warmed up, ridden and the tank topped off.  I went out early the next morning (Jan 3rd) while it was snowing, and pulled the battery out.  It was great timing all the way around as we are now in the single digits (sub-zero with wind chill) and far too cold for my poor battery.

My Joe Rocket jacket, quite frankly, ROCKS!  It keeps my core warm and comfy.  My legs weren't bad.  My favorite trick for down and dirty leg warmth is - rain pants.  They block the wind and help hold your heat in far better than leather chaps (plus, unlike chaps, they don't leave your crotch out to freeze in the breeze).  On really cold longer rides, you can also layer some long underwear under your pants as well.  Me being special, am allergic to most non-natural materials - so I have to not go with the quick-dry dry-silque type materials.   One of many reasons that rain pants are always a top ten carried item for me.

Even my feet and toes weren't too bad.  The worst two places for the cold are still the worst two places for me - my face and my hands.  I have yet to find a decent pair of gloves for cold weather.  I have purchased big, gauntlet-style winter gloves.  They still didn't keep my fingers warm and they have the distinct disadvantage of being so big and bulky that it makes handling controls very difficult and uncomfortable.  Bulky gloves plus frozen fingers have lead to dropped bikes before.  Argggggh.  My best bet has been to triple layer - a silk glove, inside a wool glove, that's inside a leather glove.  Still some bulk issues and still not half as warm as you need or would like in sub-40 F weather.  Perhaps I'll have to do some new looking - it has been awhile and there are new materials and methods available.  Gloves are the hardest thing for me to get and like.  If you don't get them sized right and they didn't really think through where they put the seams - you end up paying a pretty penny for something that not only doesn't work, but can make your hands miserable (right up through blistering, which is NOT fun).

So, how was your winter ride?  Are you a polar bear this new year, or not?  Do you have tips on any great winter gear or winter gear hacks?  Please share!

For fun- Here is a quick article and video on Motorcycle.com called "Car vs. Bike, In the Snow + video".

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