Glittering RUBY Writing Wednesday!

Step into 2015 right, AND in style!

This is a great day - it follows last night's Marvel's Agent Carter premiere with her very red hat!

So, I keep saying that I don't really write any romance or erotica or anything so blood pumping - well, in those ways. I'm more of a run faster, punch harder, pedal to the metal kind of gal - yea, like Peggy Carter. :D  But I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who do.  Some of the best, most effective and supportive writing groups out there seem to be romancing type writers.  They even welcome men-folk into their midst and help them along with open arms.

For anyone who hasn't ever bothered to read a good romance novel - you are really missing out on some good writing craft.  It's relatively easy to have your bad guy be evil and fight against your hero... but what if your antagonist is also your one true love?  Well then your antagonist also becomes extra agony and angst.  There is a lot of true character and story crafting in a real romance - no matter what other elements might be in there (murder, sci-fi, magic, or hair dos).  Romance writers really study story and writing craft.  They skillfully weave a tale of love, woe, and whoa, one line at a time.  Anyway - damn good, really awesome writers, and lovely souls 'ta boot!

That being said I want to share one of my all-time favorite writerly finds of 2014 - The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.  And that's not all (although once you visit there you will find that it could be awesome enough) - you will find notice of the RSS's annual Winter Writing Festival.  And I want to you check it out and think about joining in the fun next week.  You make your own goals, get lots of support and ideas, they often offer outrageous prizes (like you need more than getting some of your writing stuff done), AND you get to sprint with the Sisters!  That's right - write with the writers.  They are sprinting and chatting with you.  Those that are in the know, in the thick of their own books and edits, those that have been there and are leading the way to where you are going.

I'd never done a sprint before last year's Winter Festival - I never liked timed writing like that.  I would freeze up like a deer in headlights, then jump out of the way.  I found out that not only could I loosen up and actually write in a sprint, but .... I had fun and got some serious words down.  I also met and suffered with awesome people and generally felt not completely alone in my own little world and mind.  I even got to be a bit crazy and more like my "real" self.
These are more my style...but...

When you slip on some ruby slippers, you slip into something magical that can take you to amazing places.  They always say a woman should have a little black dress and a pair of red shoes.  Maybe there is a really good reason.  Cases in point - look what a pair of ruby slippers did for Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz? Or, where in all of time and space those bright red trainer's took David Tennant's Doctor Who?  Just imagine the possibilities....  What could seeing and possibly wearing a bit of red do for you and your current project?

THIS is REALLY more my style. A girl needs a proper carriage right?

I challenge you to check out the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood, slip into something a little more comfortable (heeled, or racy, or lacy, or v-8 powered) and give it a go.  I'll be checking in and looking for some of the "Night Writers" - you know who you are - and I plan to spin some wheels, steal some heels, and write some high octane tales!

So, what are you bringing to the party?

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