Wow, where is 2015 going?!

So, I've been crazy inactive here on the blog, because I've been so active with so many other crazy things.  Life gets like that some times.  40 Practicum hours, full-time work fun, participating in winter fest with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood, and just plain participating in winter! 

Technically today is Moto-Monday and I do want to honor that by posting this:

Yeah, this isn't going to happen for another few months at our weather's rate. Several feet of snow and many - degrees on the temperature scale, along with streets covered in slick ice with semi-frozen snow drifts says.... Moto-Mondays are on hold for a while.  I stopped in the garage and petted my bike lovingly while telling it to keep it's cover tight, because it was really not moto-friendly weather out there.  I think I heard it go - brrrrrrrrrr.

I, of course, want to rise to all of these challenges and overcome them like a hill-climbing champ.  And in many ways I am succeeding. 

Any way - the bad weather can't last forever. Right?  I mean I was starting to look into motorcycle insurance for this year (it's gone up like crazy on my truck - I'm not feeling it's going to be great for the motorcycle either).  For the last few years those sneaky rotten insurance buggers force you to pay motorcycle insurance for a full year - not a part or for the months you actually need it.  I mean year round insurance would be great if you had year round riding conditions... but those have never existed here in Michigan, so it's yet another evil plan to take all of your money and stab you in the foot of your fun. (See, I told you the weather was getting me down.)

To show you that there is still "fun" in the winter of my motorcycle discontentment.... I give you Miss Daisy - on my Valykrie:

And this is the way it should be!

If your weather is good my friends, or you're a special kind of cold nut with excellent moto-balance.... please do post a picture of your good luck, so the rest of us may know that hope is still out there and she rides snow-free on 2-wheels!

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