Creative Midori Challenge for March

Today’s challenge is "15 minutes of writing". Very appropriate, considering it’s Writing Wednesday. Do you ever accept creative challenges of any kind? And I’m going to suggest – outside of writing challenges? If not, you should consider trying it. Just to flex all of your creative muscles. We don’t want any or those creative juices to dry up and we certainly don’t want anything “creative” to atrophy.

I’m on Instagram as @chaco_kid and I mostly post pictures of my Momma’s Girls there. I got into IG almost three years back when I got my rescue girls and an iPad within a few months of each other. It was a natural. I figured people would get tired of seeing dozens of picture of my dogs in their Facebook streams, so I started a Momma’s Girl Facebook page and started creating Momma’s Girls comics with my dogs. I can tell you that creating comics works your creativity and your dialog skills – short, concise, and to a point. (You also see how many times you screw up on your editing later – because the graphic work temporarily blinded you from noticing your finger’s missteps.)

I have done the picture a day Instagram photo challenges before – but someone posted a Creative Midori Challenge (#creativemidorichallenge) and it looked like it would flex a lot more creative muscle. It had such a variety of things to try. And just the day before, I had purchased some watercolor supplies (I’m a dabbler – not an artist, as you will see in a minute with my iPad graphic-y goodness.) because I’d been feeling the need to stretch and flex creatively (since my book keeps trying not to get itself finished). So here it is- and you can certainly join in on the fun anytime and it’s not too late if you want to catch up either:

Day 1 Watercolor Supplies
Back to “today’s challenge” which is to write for 15 minutes. I thought – cool, it’s almost like kismet (fate). So here I am to share it with you and challenge you to flex and stretch your creative muscles a bit and see what comes out! Better yet, challenge your friends and share. It’s amazing how different everyone can see a word like “bunny” or “nautical” and it may open up your creative floodgates all over! Spring is coming, it is time to plant some goodness, water it, and see what grows in the new season.
Day 2 Nautical- by PR Henriksen

Day 3 Bunny- by PR Henriksen

PS I am now well aware that I am probably doing it completely wrong – as far as I can tell Midori is a planner/scheduler kind of thing – only way more awesome. It seems to be like a combination of journaling, scrapbooking, listing, organizing, and being generally crafty in a little book – all at the same time.  However - none of this should keep you from a perfectly good, creative exercise! :D

Feel free to show us some of your creative muscle - Flex it baby, flex it!

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