If You're Going to Procrastinate...

Ok, so, life became all-absorbing again.  I have missed a few Writing Wednesdays.  Today is your day.  I have been so busy with intense course study (non writing related), that I haven't had much time to write anything that hasn't directly been for class.  As a matter of fact... It's like my creativity put headphones on and decided to take a nap about it.  Oh, I've had a few rogue ideas or "fixes" pop into my head (which for the most part I was actually smart enough to write down), but as far as sitting down and getting any bulk of words on paper- NOPE!

All has not been lost. I find that even when I am not creatively writing I can often find things to stoke the fires and keep me feeling warm and cozy about it.  This week I give you - The Journeyman Writer.  Now, I've told you about Storywonk (love it!) - it's on the sidebar over there >>>

Podcasts are not new to Storywonk, they have been the soul in there, almost since the beginning.  And I love most of them (even when they get long), but my new favorite is Alastair's The Journeyman Writer - It's short (5-10 min) and guess what, he is like the voice of reasonable writing reason in your head, with a slightly lovely Scottish lilt (although living in the USA for the last few years has mellowed it considerably).  Alastair gives little moments of thoughtful writerly goodness and then - sends you off to your own journey.  You magically feel more creative, more inspired, and part of a greater writing community (because yes, there are people out there just like you).  Please, stop by and give it a listen (you might find some other pod-castery goodness while you're there too - fair warning - don't come back and hurt me for your own twisty journey to writinghood.

If you're going to procrastinate, do it with style, do it with purpose, take a worthwhile side trip, and by all means have FUN!  (Also, don't blame me if you're a closet storywonk - I only gave you the story-geek place to hang out... I never made you one. :D )

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