How Dare You!

Gil Elvgren Pin-Up calendar April 2015 picture.
It's Flash Fiction Friday!

How dare you!

by PR Henriksen

How dare you splash me, Sir.  You are no gentleman.

It’s bad enough that Mother Nature decided rain her wrath down upon me, but you sir…. There is no excuse.  I had carefully placed the silk upon my legs, tugging the seams ever so straight against my curves in the back.  The dress?  Pressed to impress and in white so as to contrast beautifully with the upcoming spring flowers. My hair was curled, my make up sublime, and now you've covered me with both mud and slime.  You are no gentleman, most unkind sir.  In the future I shall refer to you as cur.

Dear Cur, you are as the name suggests good for nothing, but to be cut and culled from the herd, as one who hinders, rather than helps.  Even wet, I glisten like the delicate, bright flowers you also tried to cover.  Where your worthless hide will be forgotten, my soaked, silk thigh will still catch the right guy’s eye, and he’ll treat me as a real gentleman should.

May your way be ever clear and sunny, so that you too can someday shine… now fare-thee-well, while nature and I await the rainbow that is sure to follow in your uncaring wake.

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