So, Are You a Closet Biker Witch?

Ok, some crazy, indoor, bad weather motorcycle fun...

Angie Fox is the author of the Accidental Demon Slayer series.  Book 3 "A Tale of Two Demon Slayers" just came out at the end of January.

I stumbled across Angie's first book in the book store a couple of years ago.  The cover mentioned something about a biker witch grandmother with a "kiss my asphalt" t-shirt and a talking dog named Pirate.  How could I refuse?  I bought the first book and have been a fan ever since. Angie, and her Demon Slayer, have an infectious sense of humor.  (Angie was kind enough to send me my own "kiss my ashphalt" t-shirt too.  So, if you see me on the roads this year, definately say "hi!").

If you have the time, the books are a blast.  If you only have a little time, you might want to swing by her web site and find out what your Biker Witch name is, or if you are part Demon Slayer, or possibly even what your Demon pet preferece might be.

Love ya, Angie!  You are the epitomy of "Will Write for Rides".

P.S. My Biker Witch Name is:  Chesty Drawers No Brakes, what's yours?  Visit Angie's web site and find out.

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