Welcome to Will Write for Rides

Everyone keeps telling me I should have my own blog. Not just to "write for the man" (of course "the man" pays, free blogging doesn't), but I wondered what I could possibly say. Then I looked up girls, bikes, biking, and found tons of motorless bikes- ewwwh- and then I knew.

I always thought it would be fun to write motorcycle wisdom (you know those deep thoughts that occur to you while you're riding) and travel articles for magazines. I got tired of reading the magazines though as they still had the same men writing for them that they did when I was a kid on the back of my dad's bike (yes, my dad is retired now). The result is this blog: Will Write for Rides.

My goal is to some day have my writing pay for all of my riding. Until then, I hope to have a place that I can call "my happy place" where I can share laughs, pictures, and adventure along the way. Maybe it will become your happy place too. I would be honored.

P.S. I hope that all of my Wiffer buddies over at www.willwriteforwine.com won't mind me being a shameless double wiffer as I just realized Will Write for Rides will make me WWFR here too!

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