We Can Survive

As I dug out of the snow this morning and hopped into my 4-wheel drive truck (the little black darling with the killer new Goodyear Fortera Triple-tread tires I purchased just before snow season hit). I felt confident and reflected about the time I spent last fall giving my baby a complete set of new brakes and roters. I almost found the ride in refreshing this morning, because as we approach mid-February, I know that time is on my side and that mother-sunless, evil inbred sun of a winter bearing cold streak is on its way out! The days are getting longer. I actually see bits of light now on my way in and out of work.

I might have only felt the pummeling of snow-blown ice and snow on my face this morning, but it again reminded me of sun and sand that will be giving me a facial in a few short months.  And I smiled.

As I parked the snow blower and whispered a few sweet nothings to my Valkyrie, giving her a affectionate pat on the way out of the garage, I wondered how many others had done the very same thing this morning. Fellow 2 (and 3) wheeled brothers and sisters, I salute you!

I challenge you to smile, wax your helmet, and smell the leather. Now is the time for all good riders to prepare to ride.

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