Moto-Monday was Awash!

I'm afraid Moto-Monday was awash this week.  I can't tell you how close I was to riding into work yesterday.  But things felt off, so I checked the weather more closely before departing and decided to wimp out and take my truck.  It's a 4x4 and I'm darn glad of it.  The rains came down, pouring, and didn't stop for HOURS. I had areas when I drove home where the water was nearing the tops of my tires.  I was going 10 mph in a couple of spots and I had rooster tails off my front wheels kicking water up on my hood.  My friend left work and hour later and ended up stranded for the night out near work. 

Today they've been trying to clear up the abandoned cars from the roads. They don't know when any of the express-ways will be good to go.  I personally have always been uncomfortable riding down a top-free tunnel on express-ways like ours that have the high cement walls.  This would be why.

Click On Detroit Image
Yes, that is a mini-van/suv's rear door up in the foreground.  I can safely and thankfully say, this particular time, I am sooooo grateful that I did NOT ride in to work.  We were getting leaks in our building yesterday too, because they chose this week to re-do the roof.  Nicely played Michigan.  Nicely played. 

Epic Flooding!  For more info just down the street... you can check out Click On Detroit

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