Note to Self

Photo of my 2014 Sherlock Calendar - August

Flash Fiction Friday:  Note to Self (250 words)

By PR Henriksen

Ten pounds of fluffy, faithful love exploded into a riot of Biblical furry fury for the couple of minutes it took them. Her war cries still echoed in my ears, becoming a deep, pulsing throb.

Note to self- Next time, lock the bathroom door!

Rivulets of bubbles ran down my naked body, popping and fading into nothingness, including a lack of wet or cold.  The cavalry was late.  Their recent cutbacks must have included clocks.  I tried to wiggle my toes, but they didn’t do much. 

Bad guys have no boundaries or sense of propriety.  Channel five said the temperature was only eight degrees this morning.  Why’d they crack the window?  They also stole my computer and went anti-Martha Stewart all over my bedroom and bathroom in the process. Bastards! I’d spent my day off prettying things up.

Note to self- Next time, keep handgun on hand, even in the bathroom!

The rhythmic thumping continued to slow as I went for Mindy.  Her soulful chocolate eyes were clouding over, as snowflakes settled lightly upon her, soon to be pink, white fur.  My fault. Pink-colored water flowed over the side of the tub, following the path of my reaching arm, which was four inches too short. I could almost touch her. The pounding in my head and chest faded, as the pitter-patter of combat-booted feet tromped in.  Two drops of wet slid down my face.

Oh, how I hated pink. Note to self- Next time bleed a more fashionable color!

No particular prompt for next week.  Let's pants it and see what happens!


  1. Love the pacing of this piece. Great fun to read.

    1. Thanks Lynn. It's amazing how going shorter can take longer. :D


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