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It is the season of sharing.  Many of you may also be exhausted from NaNoWriMo.  And some of you may be struggling with writing issues or finding a place to recharge.  So, here are some of my favorite places to hang out.

I think I've mentioned that romance, as a genre, is not really my writing forte, but amazingly many of the following list are full of romance writers (and others).  Don't be put off if you don't write, breathe, or strip for romance, these are all GREAT resources for story, how story works, why it does and doesn't work, and everything writerly - not just romancey (although you'll find that too).

Savvy Authors

This site is a great place to hang out as an author.  Although there are a lot of romance writers here - that is not all there is.  If you want to discuss craft or bone up on your craft, this is a great hang-out with many resources - free and premium.


Basically a "wonk" is an over-zealous nerd - in this case for "story".  This is a great writer spot with Lani (romance/paranormal romance) and her husband Alistair (sci-fi/fantasy) - where they wonk out over story - in writing, in film, on tv... Whereever great (or not so great) story is found, they will be there, sharing it with you.  They have classes, resources, and much writerly goodness.  Best of all check out their multiple Podcasts of pure StoryWonk goodness.

Arg Ink

Jennifer Cruise (romance and more) writer. Also a genuine story wonk kind of gal.  Discuss story and all things writing with Jennifer. (And absolutely check out her over-the-top "story boards".  She is like the Bob Villa of story boards!)

Eight Ladies Writing

Jennifer Cruise was teaching a college course in writing and these gals were in the course together.  Again, there is a lot of "love" here, but better, there is a lot of writing goodness here.

Hemingway Editor

New cool "toy" of the week.  How about being able check the readability and grade-level of your article or page?  You can do it here.  Neat toy/tool to check out.

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