A Motorcycle Buffet 2

To begin the new Moto-Monday Tradition, I thought I would reflect upon one of the blog's all time favorite and most looked at articles: A Motorcycle Buffet. (Or, A little bit of moto-every and anything.)

Come riding season I always think about gear. Do I have gear that needs to be replaced? Is there new, awesome, hi-tech gear that I must try? Is there something that just has to be on the road with me? Well, I found a couple of items that were too awesome not to mention:

(*Note: These pictures are not mine, they are from the sites as listed. PRH)

Need an awesome new lid?

Check out Cool Pile’s write up.

Need a new suit with some storage ability?

Check out Men’s Gear’s Dark Knight Rises suit with backpack.   (When they start producing an equally awesome line of for women with Wonder Woman or Black Widow, I’m so gonna have to save up to shop!)

All dressed up and no ride to take you there?

Now that you're all geared up, it's time to GO! Have you seen the 2015 Honda NM4? It is not an unreasonably priced, travel-worthy, awesome looking, street bike.  Bonus, it looks like something out of a Dark Avenger type movie.

Copyright American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Old School Genius

So, you think perhaps the Bat-venger bike is too futuristic for you?  You feel more like some old school, multi-terrain, tough-guy goodness?  Then the NSU Kettenkrad might be for you!
Check out Gadgetsin.com’s write up to be sure.

NSU Kettenkrad

If all of these items are finding themselves landing exclusively on your wish list, then I found a couple of additional items that might tide you over.

Smart What?

Smart car/green earth lover, but you still want to show your true passion and cool? Maybe you need to try the Smart Car-Motorcycle, a completely different way to go “electric” on the road.

Check out The Bored Ninja for this and other cool stuff.


If all else fails and you have to continue to be a slave to the desk, rather than ride with your face in the wind. You can opt desk for some awesomeness with this great motorcycle pen holder:

Personally, I’m leaning towards the 2015 Honda NM4 right now. It’s got half the engine of my current Valykrie, but it looks like something that should be tried--Just for fun!

I know - I found something I just had to add from motorcycle.com:

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Become Motorcyclists

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