Flash Fiction Friday: Momma's Girls #52 - World Cup Awesome!

Today's Flash Fiction is a comic, for World Cup 2014. Go ahead, try to tell me a comic isn't a form of flash fiction. :D

Ok, I've been trying to think of how to balance content and interest on here since I decided everything didn't have to be motorcycles only (wow, lightning may come down from the sky and strike me down on my way home, on my motorcycle today)... I'm thinking:

  • Flash Fiction Fridays 
  • Moto/Motor Monday
  • Writing Wednesdays (maybe Wacky Wednesdays - although they might be the same thing)

What do you think?

So, today is our First Flash Fiction Friday.  Flash/Short fiction is an art form. I used to check out new sci-fi/fantasy authors by picking up a magazine like Asimov and reading some short story work.  If I found an author or style I liked, I would look up their longer works.  In my experience authors who can write good short fiction write good longer fiction, but the converse is not always true.  Some novelists really suck at shorter works.  There really is an art to it.

I've been enjoying the times I get to participate in #sixwordstories on Twitter.  It's amazing what you can get across in six words, or how many different six word stories you can get from the same thought, word, or image.  It is also quite challenging to sculpt something meaningful and as complete as possible in six words. Go ahead, try it yourself - Try a 6 word story for betrayal.

By most definitions anything under 50,000 words is generally considered short fiction. At that upper end you are in the novella zone. Cut that in half or more and you are generally in the short story zone.  Cut your length down to 2000 words or less and you are getting into the flash fiction zone.  It is common to work at 1000, 500, 250, and 100 words marks.  And if you didn't know what flash fiction was - no, it's not fiction done in a flash!  Flash fiction is fiction you can read in a flash!  Flash fiction often takes as long as or longer than other short fiction to write and complete, because you really have to watch the pacing of your story and making each word do super duty.  If you want to hone your writing chops, and learn to be lean and mean, practicing with some flash fiction would do a writer good.

Basically I am now going to make Friday a sweat equity writing day.  Care to join me?   I will give a prompt to work with... just in case you need or want one.  If not, go with your muse.  I may not always follow my prompt either (probably because I am out for a ride with my muse), but we can always make it interesting I'm sure.

Prompt for Next Friday:
Sorry, it stubbornly refused to upload any way but sideways. Arggggggh.

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