Moto-MONDAY..... Ahhhh, Monday's

Ok, this pretty much sums up my weekend and day today.... At least as far as motorcycle riding goes (I did get a new foster yorkie-girl that really needed a safe, loving place to crash for a while).

I fell badly last Wednesday, and sprained most of the right side of my body. So, I've spent quality time with ice-packs and a lounge chair. That means that for two of the best riding days last week, I didn't get a ride. And today, along rest of this week, is to be filled (buckets brimming) with rain and thundershowers. 

Now I realize many of you ride to back and forth to work. For me, it makes work seem so much more palatable when I can claim it's merely a diversion between riding adventures.  I can also hear many shrugging shoulders saying "so, there will be other times and weeks", yes. This would also make it sound like I was whining (& I sorta am). However, over the last couple of years things have change a lot around me. My dad, & favorite riding buddy is getting older (he'll be 73 in a couple of months), he had knee replacement surgery last year, and I have increasing adult responsibilities (it really does happen to everyone. 

I have not been on a trip of more than 50 miles from home for the last couple of years. I don't know about any of you, but motorcycle riding isn't just freedom, it's mental and emotional stability, it's adventure, it's relaxation, it is life- better!  I look forward to the days I get to ride back and forth to work. It literally keeps me sane and civil. I also don't know how short the riding season will be this year. Last year, we were pretty much done riding before October.  And, it didn't get decent enough to ride regularly this year until almost June. It was one of the coldest, longest, snowiest winters in more than my lifetime. So yeah, I'm whining. 

Does it make you whine when you can't ride? Does riding keep you from being some sort of sociopath? Do tell. 

And now for something completely different! 
(Monday's this bad require such stunts.)

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